Overwatch 2’s newest hero is the scary but sexy Ramattra


Image: Blizzard

In the perfect prelude to the Overwatch League 2022 grand finals, Blizzard has revealed Overwatch 2’s newest character. Ramattra is the game’s 36th hero, and his abilities and story seem like they’ll make for the most interesting addition to the roster yet.

Ramattra is the leader of Null Sector, a group of sentient robots called omnics committed to the liberation of their people by any means necessary. In Overwatch’s overarching story (yes, there is one) Null Sector is one of the biggest baddies, responsible for touching off the war between robots and humans that became the instigating event for the creation of the Overwatch task force.

Ramattra is a tank like you’ve never seen before. Rather than being the kind of tank that shields…

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