Need a break? ‘SNL’ commercial parody suggests getting COVID


If you’re feeling down or need a break from your responsibilities, SNL suggests a rather unconventional cure: get COVID. According to its latest commercial parody, COVID is a surefire way to get a 10-day vacation from work, parenting, or just life in general. You can leave your worries behind, all while never leaving the comfort of your favorite couch, bed, or blanket.

Getting COVID comes with many risks, including long COVID and memory problems. But as one satisfied COVID “customer” (Sarah Sherman) says, “that would honestly be amazing, because there’s so much I want to forget.”

Another COVID patient (Michael Longfellow) points out that his brain is already “really bad. If it gets 10 percent worse but I don’t have to talk to a single person for a week, I’ll take that deal in a horsebeat.” Hope the 10-day break was worth it!

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