‘SNL’ Weekend Update talks about Ye’s latest Instagram suspension, Twitter, and more


In this week’s edition of the SNL‘s Weekend Update, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che kick off the show with Biden’s plea warning that possible election denial by Republicans will set the nation on a path of chaos. “Wait so this is just the path to chaos,” Jost asks. “I thought we’ve been living in chaos for at least six years.”

In other news, Che and Jost quipped about Donanld Trump Jr. using his dirty, oversized underwear to mock Paul Pelosi and briefly covered the addition of 200,000+ jobs. “We’ll see about that said Elon Musk,” Jost said.

Worst yet though, it seems Che must’ve given Jost his jokes again saying that a Fox News segment on the upcoming New York Marathon will read “Undocumented Africans run wild in streets of New York.” We hope they swapped scripts.

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