You can get in line right now to buy a PlayStation 5 from Sony


Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

You have an opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5 console ahead of the holidays if you jump into the queue at Sony’s online hardware shop. At the time of publication, it’s offering the $499.99 disc-based PS5 console (the more elusive $399.99 digital edition that lacks a disc drive has already sold out). Both consoles have the same 825GB of usable storage space, and they can be opened to install more fast storage via an M.2 SSD slot.

Picking up a PS5 is a good idea, as it’s the best (and sometimes, only) way to play PlayStation-exclusive games. God of War Ragnorök, for example, releases this week and offers several high frame rate modes that all look spectacular in their own ways compared to the PS4 version. Check out our review, and if…

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