A Study of Energy in Transition


“A third of the projected world population could face un-livable conditions by 2070, if the current rate of global warming persists.”*

Today, humanity has access to sustainable energy technology that is fairly mature. It is cheaper to generate electricity by solar or wind power than fossil fuels, which begs the question – why isn’t uptake of renewable electricity more widespread?

What policy makers and the world need are holistic innovation intelligence to inform decision making and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy-powered future.

In our latest report, “A Study of Energy in Transition,” Clarivate experts look at the relationship between global research and innovation in the roll out and development of sustainable energy sources.

We invite you to download the report and explore key findings, including current gaps, trends and needs of further research concentration within sustainable energy.

Download this report now!

*FT, “Climate change could bring near un-livable conditions for 3 bn people,” Nov 2021

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