LG’s 27-inch OLED gaming monitor does 240Hz and costs $1,000


This OLED monitor stands out with its adjustable stand, giving you more versatility than the legs included with OLED TVs. | Image: LG

LG’s OLED panels are getting even smaller. With no fanfare, the company posted a product page for a new 27-inch OLED gaming monitor (model 27GR95QE-B). Reddit noticed first; then, it got picked up by TechSpot and the HDTVTest YouTube channel. It’s the company’s first OLED panel of this size that’ll deliver 1440p (QHD) resolution, an increasingly popular resolution for PC and console gamers since it’s not as demanding as 4K. The dip from 4K to 1440p shouldn’t impact its ability to produce stunning image quality, though its anti-glare coating will probably give off a different look than a glossy TV screen. The new display is listed at $999.99, but there’s no specific release date provided.

I’m excited for its adjustable stand that lets you…

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