Apple changed how reading books works in iOS 16, and I may never be happy again


Am I being dramatic? Yes. Has this change made me read on my phone less? Also yes. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple Books has been my main reading app for years for one very specific reason: its page-turning animation is far and away the best in the business. Unfortunately, that went away with iOS 16 and has been replaced by a new animation that makes it feel like you’re moving cards through a deck instead of leafing through a digitized version of paper. And despite the fact that I’ve been trying to get used to the change since I got onto the beta in July, I still feel like Apple’s destroyed one of the last ways that my phone brought joy into my life.

For those unfamiliar with Apple’s Books app (formerly known as iBooks), I’ll try to explain the hole that’s suddenly been punched into my reading life. Before iOS 16, the app would play a…

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