Score an AirTag (or a few) on sale for Black Friday


SAVE UP TO $20: As of Nov. 25, Apple AirTags are on sale for Black Friday. Grab a single AirTag for $24.98 (14% off) or a 4 pack of AirTags for $79.98 (19% off).

If you’re the type of person who continually misplaces important things, Apple’s AirTags were made for you. Whether you toss them in your bag so your purse is never a lost and found casualty, or you attach them to your dog’s collar to track Rover down, these trackers can be lifesavers.

Right now, Amazon is offering a single AirTag for just $24.98, 14% off its retail price. You can also opt for the AirTag 4 Pack for $79.98, which is 19% off the regular price. That makes each AirTag about $20 apiece, so if you need to buy multiple for you or your family, that’s your best bet right now.

Do they actually work, though? According to Mashable reviewer Brenda Stolyar, the answer is a resounding yes. By leveraging Apple’s Find My network, iOS users can track down all manner of missing devices. As Stolyar points out, that means “hundreds of millions of Apple devices” make up this network, which means your chances of finding your lost item are pretty good. With seamless Bluetooth pairing, reliable alerts (complete with sound), and precision finding, the AirTag is a must-have for anyone who routinely misplaces things.

While AirTags do have the capacity for misuse by bad actors, there are privacy features and safety alerts in place meant to help keep you safe, such as Safety Alerts that help inform you of who can see your location and your AirTag. Snag a few today so you can stop stressing over anything that goes missing and start using your iPhone to find it.

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