Amie grabbed $7 million for its opinionated calendar and todo app


Amie raised a $7 million seed round led by Spark Capital. The round closed in June 2022 and the startup is disclosing it today. The company is building a productivity app anchored around your calendar. It helps you stay on top of your schedule, connect with your team and manage your upcoming tasks.

Other investors in the round include Creandum, Guillermo Rauch, Hanno Renner and Quick Coffee Ventures. Amie competes with a new wave of calendar startups, including Vimcal, Magical, Fantastical, Cron and Rise. It’s a crowded space but Amie thinks it can provide a better user experience.

As I wrote in my first article on Amie, the app combines your calendar with your todos. By default, your unscheduled todos appear in the left-side column next to your calendar.

You can drag tasks from the sidebar and drop them in your calendar at a certain date and time. This way, you can see both your events and tasks in a week view. Many people already use their calendar as a sort of todo app so that they don’t forget about things they have to do.

Amie supports that use case natively and even encourages you to work this way. It is an opinionated take on the calendar. But that’s the right approach if you’re building an app that competes with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

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There are also social and multiplayer components to Amie. If your team uses Amie, you can see their profile pictures on the left side and check their availabilities by hovering over their avatars. It’s also a good way to see if someone is available or busy in real time.

Amie lets you join an upcoming video call in a single click as well. People can also use Amie to send a link with multiple availabilities so that others can book a meeting.

Up next, Amie wants to integrate with all the tools and apps that you already use to become your main productivity hub. The company first started with Spotify so that you can see what your coworkers are listening to.

But Amie also has plans for more business-oriented integrations with products like GitHub, Stripe and Typeform. The idea is that Amie could eventually replace more tools.

Users who want to try out Amie have to sign up to a waitlist. The company onboards new users every week and plans to launch publicly at some point in 2023.

Right now, there are 11 people working for Amie. The startup wants to grow to a team of 20. The next product release will be a revamped todo list.

Amie grabbed $7 million for its opinionated calendar and todo app by Romain Dillet originally published on TechCrunch

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