Weber updates its SmokeFire smart grill for better searing


The “official” start of grilling season may be a few months away, but Weber is unveiling its 2023 lineup with plenty of time to spare. Today, the company revealed a trio of new models covering smart pellet grills, griddles and a compact electric unit. Weber also has new options when it comes to accessories it hopes will help you expand the utility of a grill you may already own.

First, the company has a new version of its SmokeFire smart pellet grill. Dubbed the Sear+, this model carries all of the features of last year’s Stealth edition. That includes an all-black exterior with interior lighting. The key difference here is the Sear+ is better equipped for — you guessed it — searing. A two-sided porcelain enamel searing grate gives you the ability to cook both larger cuts and more delicate items. Also inside, a removable, folding top cooking grate adds more capacity. When you don’t need it, Weber has added grate hooks for storage outside. There’s also an additional side shelf on the left which should give you more room to prep foods before they go on the grill.

Of course, the versatility that’s been constant since the SmokeFire line was introduced in 2020 is still here. Like most pellet grills, these can handle low-and-slow barbecue, high-heat searing and everything in between with a temperature range of 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the key piece of Weber’s pellet grills is its Connect smart cooking tech. The system works with an app on your phone to give you step-by-step guidance for a massive library of recipes. It will even tell you when to wrap a pork butt or flip your steaks. The tech also calculates estimated completion times on top giving you the ability to monitor food and grill temps from afar. You can even adjust the cooking temperature from your couch if needed.

The SmokeFire Sear+ will be available in 24- and 36-inch sizes (ELX4 and ELX6 model names) from Weber and other retailers this spring for $1,399 and $1,599 respectively. 


When it comes to the Weber Connect smart cooking tech, the company is planning a big overhaul for 2023. In addition to more content and optimization for the app, the company plans to add recipes for flat top or griddle cooking. That’s because Weber is debuting griddle inserts for its Genesis and Spirit gas grills ($199, $249 and $299), some of which have Weber Connect built in. Existing Connect programs will still work even if you’re using the flat top, but more fine-tuned cook profiles are coming. The company also revealed a standalone gas griddle that comes in 3- and 4-burner options (28- and 36-inch cooking surfaces) starting at $449. Weber Connect doesn’t come on that unit though, but you can use the standalone Smart Grilling Hub if you’re looking for some guidance or remote monitoring. Both the griddle insert and the new Weber Griddle will be available this spring. 

The third piece of news from Weber to begin 2023 is a compact electric grill it calls Lumin. Designed to be used in places like porches and balconies where open flames aren’t allowed, this model can hit temperatures of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Weber says Lumin can be ready for high-heat searing in 15 minutes. Grill controls are simplified to four modes — grill, smoke, steam and warm — with accessories available to help with each cooking method. Unlike a lot of electric grills, Weber has left the heating element exposed, so when juices drip they will help flavor your food like they would on a charcoal or gas grill. 

The Weber Lumin is available today in six color options and in two sizes. The “compact” model is $429 for black and $459 for additional colors while the “full-size” version is $479 in black and $519 in other hues.


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