YouTuber mods a USB-C port into the AirPods Pro and wants to help you do the same


Engineer and YouTuber Ken Pillonel modded the AirPods Pro to swap out the proprietary Lightning connector for USB-C after making similar mods to the iPhone X and non-pro AirPods. Like his previous projects, the USB-C AirPods Pro schematics will be open sourced via GitGub, but this time, Pillonel is going a step further and will actually be selling his custom PCB in the hope that it’ll encourage more people to attempt the mod themselves.

“The last video has two million views and almost no one attempted the mod,” Pillonel says in the YouTube video about his latest effort. “I’m pretty sure I know why; it’s just too complicated to make the PCB. I was hoping that someone in China would copy the design and sell it, but the reality is just that…

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