Grand Theft Auto V is now 10 years old


Grand Theft Auto V turns 10. | Image: Rockstar Games

It’s been exactly 10 years since Grand Theft Auto V first launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, followed soon after by Grand Theft Auto Online. In a thread on X today, Rockstar Games thanked fans, calling them “the reason GTA V has thrived across multiple console generations.”

Last week, Rockstar announced new content for GTA Online commemorating the anniversary: new outfits; GTA V-themed weapon finishes; extra modes; a stock car called the Bravado Hotring Hellfire for GTA+ members; and other collectibles and bonuses for playing certain missions.

Celebrate 10 years of Grand Theft Auto V in GTA Online this week with a trio of outfits inspired by Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Plus, get bonuses on classic modes including 4X GTA$…

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