Hands-on with the Surface Laptop Go 3


Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Microsoft just announced the Surface Laptop Go 3 at its Surface event on Thursday, and we’ve gotten to briefly try it out as part of a demo session after the main presentation.

As we expected after watching Microsoft’s presentation, the laptop looks just like last year’s Surface Laptop Go 2 in person. It’s very light, but it has a solid build. That lightness is the real draw of this device — but the low-resolution 12.4-inch screen, at 1536 x 1024, feels like a bit of a disappointment when the rest of the hardware is built with such high quality. The nice chassis makes the screen look all the more grainy, and with Copilot taking up a good chunk of the right side of the screen, the interface has a cramped feel. We’ll have to conduct more…

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