How to turn off Windows’ aging activity tracker

  Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge You may see Microsoft’s upcoming Recall feature, which screenshots everything you do (and has now become an opt-in feature) as a convenient way to keep an eye on your history or a problematic privacy violation. However, it’s not the first time your activity on a Windows computer … Read more

The Morning After: Musk sued for sexual harassment

  A number of former SpaceX engineers are suing Elon Musk for sexual harassment, retaliation and creating a hostile workplace environment. The suit comes in the wake of a blockbuster WSJ report that lifted the lid on Musk’s treatment of SpaceX employees. This same group penned an open letter in 2022 highlighting Musk’s behavior which, … Read more

Music publishers accuse Spotify of ‘bait-and-switch subscription scheme’

  Spotify has once again drawn the ire of the music industry. The National Music Publishers’ Association has called on the Federal Trade Commission to examine the streaming service’s addition of audiobook content into all of its paid subscription plans. According to the group’s FTC complaint, Spotify’s recent actions are part of “a scheme to … Read more

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